Bee Empowered to Thrive with Tinnitus

Our 8-week real-time online program will give you the tools you need to take on life with tinnitus on your own terms. Includes 3 FREE months of access to our online community The Hive.

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We Offer Two Coaching Options:


Coaching in a Group


Private Coaching
(1 on 1)

Course Description

The Bee Empowered course gives you the tools to live life with tinnitus on your own terms. You will leave the course with:

  • a foundational understanding of what mindfulness is, and how it can help you live life with tinnitus on your own terms
  • a personalized implementation plan, bursting with mindfulness and self-compassion exercises that have worked for you
  • a flare-up toolkit to turn to when your tinnitus is particularly challenging
  • a commitment to continue your mindfulness journey
  • a supportive community of like-minded people who refuse to let tinnitus dictate how they live.

Students who have completed the program report lasting physical and psychological benefits including:

  • an increased ability to accept their tinnitus
  • more resilience in coping mentally and physically with tinnitus spikes/ flares
  • greater enthusiasm for life, even with tinnitus
  • improved self-confidence and assertiveness
  • a greater ability to cope more effectively with the challenges that life throws at us, whether we have tinnitus or not.

What does the course involve?

The Bee Empowered course runs over 8 weeks in 2-hour sessions. It takes place in real-time over Zoom, with sessions recorded so students can review the content or catch up if they are unable to attend. To receive the best value from both the course and the community you will be part of during the 8 weeks, I recommend that you attend each session in real-time. I recognize that life can intervene in the best-laid plans, however, students must attend 6 out of the 8 live sessions to receive a certificate of completion.

You will also have FREE membership to The Hive, an exclusive community for students who are taking the course or have successfully completed it.

The Bee Empowered course requires some work on your part. I ask all students to commit to at least half an hour of home practice each day between classes. The exercises I set are a combination of fun and informal, and more formal and disciplined, but don’t worry, none are too burdensome!

Understanding Mindfulness

Simple Pleasures – Bells of Mindfulness

We explore the basic principles of what mindfulness is and isn’t. We discuss how to build mindfulness into our lives and how it can empower us to make choices that create a better life, even if tinnitus is present. You will begin practicing exercises in mindfulness to become more present.

Focusing Awareness

Body Scan – Routine Activities – Conscious Listening

This week we discuss what awareness is, and how challenging it can be to pay attention for any length of time, particularly in a world full of distractions. You will learn to focus your attention by practicing the body scan, and by engaging fully in several chosen everyday activities.

Response vs. Reaction

Body Scan – Routine Activities – Eating with Awareness

This week you will explore your automatic reactions to your tinnitus experience. You will learn to identify your habits and start to understand how mindfulness empowers you to press pause and choose a more helpful response.

Noticing Judgments

Awareness of Judgments – Breathing Anchor – Eating with Awareness

In week 4 we explore the subconscious judgments we make and discuss how they impact the way we respond to tinnitus. You will practice becoming aware of judgments and start to learn how to use the breath as a mindfulness anchor.

Tinnitus Goals

Breathing Anchor – Emotion Explorer – Gratitude

This week we explore what tinnitus goals we have, and how goals can help or hinder our life with tinnitus. You will learn how to pay attention to your emotions, and how to use your breath and body to recognise and be present to them.

Accepting Our Tinnitus

Compassionate Acceptance – Breathing Space – Pleasant/Unpleasant Experiences

This week we look at what acceptance means both in our life in general, and in the context of our tinnitus. You will start to make small steps in turning towards your tinnitus and accepting its presence in your life as it is, right now.

Self Compassion

Loving Kindness – Self-compassion Break – Critical Voice

In week 7 we explore how self-compassion can quieten the self-critical voice that tells us we are not good enough. You will learn powerful exercises that will help you appreciate that you are not alone in your suffering, that others stand with you, and that we are all doing the best we can.

Mindfulness for Life

Mindfulness for Life

In this final week we pull all the learning together. You will select your favorite practices to create a mindfulness program that you feel comfortable committing to. We will also explore what exercises and practical strategies will be most useful to you when your tinnitus proves particularly challenging.

Going Forward

Certificate – Resources – The Hive

Once you have completed your 8 weeks you achieve your Bee Empowered Certificate and have a range of resources at your fingertips. But for many students, this does not feel enough.

Continued membership of the positive and empowered community in The Hive will place you in the perfect position to build on your foundations of mindfulness and self-compassion in a supportive, creative, caring, and dynamic space.