20 signs that you need support

  1. Tinnitus is ruling and ruining your life
  2. You’ve changed since your tinnitus started – and not for the better
  3. You look back at your life before tinnitus with nostalgia and longing
  4. Your tinnitus is making you anxious, depressed, angry or irritable (or a combination of all of them)
  5. You can’t imagine how you’ll cope with this noise for the rest of your life
  6. You struggle to fall asleep because all you can hear in the quiet of the bedroom is your tinnitus
  7. You’re worried you’ll lose friends because you no longer want to socialise in loud venues
  8. You’re irritable with your kids who are just being normal, noisy kids
  9. You feel guilty because of the impact your tinnitus has on those around you
  10. You’re fed up with struggling to hear conversations over your tinnitus
  11. You’ve stopped doing hobbies that you used to love before tinnitus came on the scene
  12. Every evening you battle with your partner over the volume control on the TV
  13. Your tinnitus distracts you so much at work you’re worried your customers or colleagues will notice. Or they have already noticed and you’re worried about keeping your job
  14. You don’t dare go to the dentist because you’re concerned that the sound of the equipment will trigger your tinnitus
  15. Whether or not you go for a walk in your neighbourhood depends on whether you can hear leaf blowers or chainsaws
  16. Holidays are off the cards because you worry the airplane noise will make your tinnitus worse
  17. You’ve stopped exercising because the increased blood flow spikes your tinnitus
  18. You wear ear protection in any situation where you can’t control sound
  19. You’re exhausted from listening to your tinnitus soundtrack 24/7
  20. You can’t keep living like this. Something has to change

If you’re nodding as you read through this, then remember you’re not alone. The reason I am able to write this list is because these are all things I did earlier in my tinnitus journey.

If you feel ready for something to change, take a look at the Bee Empowered course and coaching that I offer.