About Lisa

In 2005, The Hearing Coach founder Lisa Caldwell went deaf in her right ear and gained buzzing tinnitus. Feeling lost, Lisa began a journey of discovery, researching and trialing a range of tinnitus solutions. She uncovered a natural process called mindfulness meditation which became the key to unlocking a rich and fulfilling life, even with tinnitus. Now certified as a mindfulness meditation instructor, Lisa has developed customizable tools and training designed to improve the lives of millions who struggle with tinnitus every day.

Lisa lives in the UK with with her husband, Sean and rescue dog, Ziva.

Here’s the buzz from members of our Bee Empowered community:
“I now appreciate that tinnitus spikes are just part of the package…knowing how to cope with them has shifted the mood from gloom to one that I can deal with more effectively”

Mindfulness Client


“The concept of ‘mind over brain’ and being aware of the present moment have been a revelation”

Mindfulness Client


“The course equipped me with the resources to help me manage my condition. At the start I was so desperate to turn the tinnitus down. I now approach this condition from a very different perspective, and the meditation, mindfulness and breath work have helped me so much.”

Mindfulness Client


“Lisa is very compassionate, understanding and communication was excellent. Lisa taught me A LOT over the weeks that I had sessions with her and I will continue to use these going forward. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with tinnitus.”

Mindfulness Client


“I had tried mindfulness on my own, but I hadn’t really worked out how it would help me with my struggle with tinnitus. Lisa is such a sympathetic listener, and her responses are insightful and questioning. I have started to understand that if you can get a handle on your reaction to your tinnitus, you are on the way to being yourself again, and this course has set me on my way.”

Mindfulness Client


“I’m beginning to see tinnitus as a part of my life rather than as defining who I am. I am beginning to incorporate it into my life and minimize its power. I would recommend Lisa’s program to anyone struggling with tinnitus. Her program offered a compassionate, safe space to learn how to incorporate mindfulness into daily life.”

Mindfulness Client


“When I first met Lisa my Tinnitus was controlling my life and it was at the center of everything I did making my quality of life really poor. Lisa changed my outlook completely and gave me a more positive mindset to be able to cope better with my Tinnitus. I am eternally grateful for the help and support Lisa gave me from day one, I simply wouldn’t be in the position I am in now without it.”

CBT Client


“Lisa’s personal approach to the coaching is incredibly useful. She really works to understand your particular situation and tailor the advice and support specifically to you. Her level of expertise paired with her understanding and empathetic touch means that all the sessions are incredibly beneficial for both my tinnitus and mental wellbeing.”

Coaching Client


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