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Don’t Struggle With Tinnitus Alone. We’ve Got Your Answers

Work this plan and I promise you’ll start seeing progress.

1. Find Your Buzz

Begin our process with our FREE Find Your Buzz Quiz to understand your tinnitus personality and see if our program is right for you.


2. Bee Empowered

Begin our 8-week course called Bee Empowered to Thrive with Tinnitus, designed to kick start your success with mindfulness-based tinnitus management. 

3. Join The Hive

Like your journey, our program doesn’t end with a course.  We also offer a supportive community through our membership platform we call The Hive.


Eight Weeks. Practical Tips. Big Results.

Our 8-week Bee Empowered to Thrive with Tinnitus course is guaranteed to help you with mindfulness management skills that lead to a fulfilled life.

Hi, I’m Lisa.

In 2005, I lost hearing in my right ear and gained tinnitus, often described as a constant “bee” sound. Feeling lost with no answers, I began a journey of discovery and uncovered a natural process called mindfulness meditation which became the key to unlocking fulfillment in my new life.  Now certified as a mindfulness meditation instructor, I’ve developed customizable tools and training designed to improve the lives of millions who struggle with tinnitus every day.

Don’t let tinnitus control your life! Learn about mindfulness-based tinnitus management. Your journey starts here with a free quiz.