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What’s your WHY?

Knowing WHY you want to get rid of tinnitus is essential. Your WHY gives you the motivation to start making changes in your life, and

Charge your battery!

You won’t need me to tell you that living with tinnitus can be exhausting. Many of us in the Tinnitus Tribe find the constant awareness

Tinnitus Tip Tuesday

Have you ever wondered whether a type of food or drink might be making your tinnitus worse? In this week’s video we look at how

Struggle to fall asleep?

It’s Tinnitus Tip Tuesday! A few weeks ago we looked at cost-free ways to help us fall asleep with tinnitus. Today we’re looking at some

Tea Break!

Many years ago I worked in the office of a factory. Our tea breaks were regular and regimented – 10am, 12pm and 2pm. Being used

Become a Tinnitus Activist

Living with tinnitus can feel deeply disempowering, and this has become even worse during the pandemic. Here are just a few experiences which may be