Faith, hope and tinnitus

Those of you who have followed me for a good while, may remember me mentioning that my faith as a Christian helps me cope with the ups and downs of life with tinnitus.

Regardless of my personal faith, I decided early on in my work as a Tinnitus Coach not to talk about any belief system with a client unless they brought it up first. I didn’t want to create any barriers that might prevent people with tinnitus from getting the help they needed.

But, I have long thought there should be more resources out there for Christians who want to draw comfort from their faith in their tinnitus journey.

So, I wrote a book! And I’m proud of it. I realise it’s not for everyone. So if that means you, I totally understand that you might want to stop reading right now. Don’t worry, normal, secular, blogposts will resume next month 😊

But for those readers who are intrigued, here’s more about the book:

Love Jesus: Letters of Divine Hope for Tinnitus Sufferers is set out as a series of letters imagining what Jesus might say to us at those points in our tinnitus journey when we struggle to put one foot in front of the other. The first letter looks at the shock we feel when we leave ENT having been told we “just have to learn to live with tinnitus”:

Each letter is accompanied by an illustrated quote from scripture that reminds us of the hope that God offers each and every one of us. This is one of my favourites:

These are letters to hold close to your heart. Keep them in your nightstand, your car, your bag, or your desk drawer, and take them out whenever you need to remind yourself that Jesus is with you every moment of your suffering.

This book has been my heart’s work for the last six months. And I have already been blessed to receive wonderful endorsements from professionals who had early access to a copy.

“As a Tinnitus Management Audiologist, I find some tinnitus materials are a bit too doom and gloom for many of my patients. Now having a resource for those who find comfort in scripture and prayer is another tool to recommend for a segment of my patients. Lisa has created a beautiful resource of reflection with Jesus who is compassionate along the tinnitus sufferer’s journey. The imagery, the chosen passages and the reflection in each section help match the need and mood of the reader. I now have another extraordinary tool in helping Christian patients with managing their tinnitus.” Judy Huch, AuD. Oro Valley Audiology, Holistic Audiology.

“Lisa’s book moved me deeply. As someone whose life was touched briefly by ringing in the ears, I could recognise the feelings she exposed: the despair, the guilt, the hopelessness. But this book goes even further. Lisa has taken her personal experience of walking through tinnitus and shares the secrets Jesus taught her on the way. Written in the form of letters, titled for easy reference, she speaks God’s infinite wisdom and love. If you have a friend who suffers with tinnitus, this book is a gift which will give them hope and one that they will return to many times. Lisa has given the church a tool which will touch many hearts!” Joy Vee, Author of Benaiah and the Kindness Tree

Love Jesus: Letters of Divine Hope for Tinnitus Sufferers is available worldwide and would be perfect as a reminder of God’s hope for yourself, or a gift for someone you see is struggling. If you’re in the UK I would encourage you to buy it from the website I have created in order to keep this faith-based work separate from my normal Hearing Coach work:

It is also available from your local independent/Christian bookshop, and

I hope reading this book blesses you as much as writing it has blessed me! If you want to hear more about managing tinnitus with a Christian angle please sign up to my Faith, Hope and Tinnitus Newsletter