Introducing "The Hive"

Connect and build relationships with others who have also chosen mindfulness meditation as a method to achieve a fulfilled life with tinnitus.

Why Join "The Hive"?

Everyone who comes through my mindfulness course tells me what a difference it has made to them, and how much more positive they feel about living with tinnitus. But what next?

An 8-week course is a great way to learn the foundations of mindfulness and self-compassion. For that fantastic start to stick we need to continue with our regular practices, but sometimes life gets in the way, and we find that our practice is starting to slip.

That’s when we need a community! During the group course, there’s such a wonderful sense of camaraderie; of support, and positivity. Once the course has finished, we soon miss that. Heck, I miss that!

The Hive is a supportive, creative, caring, and dynamic space. It’s exclusive to students who have taken my mindfulness course. That means you’ll immediately be part of a group of empowered people who are determined to be proactive in creating an awesome life.

It also means you’ll have a lot of shared knowledge and experience. Right from the start stepping into The Hive will feel like meeting a group of friends-in-the-making.

Apart from a supportive, mindful, and empowered community what else does The Hive offer?

Membership in The Hive gives you exclusive access to:

  • live mindfulness and compassion practices with people from around the world
  • regular weekly and monthly intentional challenges to cement your mindfulness practices (there
    will be prizes!)
  • buckets of compassionate advice for your tinnitus challenges
  • reviews of tinnitus-related equipment, books, and apps
  • an amazing community of like-minded, positive people who are determined to live a fulfilling life with tinnitus
  • tips and training on a wide range of products that can help us

Bee Empowered including:

  • relaxation
  • assertiveness
  • communicating our needs to others
  • responding to others’ comments and behavior flare planning
    interior design for tinnitus

The Bee Empowered to Thrive with Tinnitus course comes with 90 days of free membership to The Hive during which time you have a great opportunity to see whether The Hive’s positive and empowered community is for you.

After the 90 days, continued membership is just $99 per calendar month.  If you don’t want to continue, no worries.  You can cancel at any time.