Are you stuck on hold?

Yesterday as I waited 40 minutes to get through to my GP surgery (yes, really!) it struck me that for many in the tinnitus tribe, our life is on hold while we’re waiting for that elusive tinnitus cure.

What a waste!

What you do with your life while you wait for a cure for tinnitus will determine whether you have a life you can look back on with pride and contentment, or whether you let years of potential happiness slip through your fingers.

Ask yourself, do you want to:

  • waste hours researching non-existent cures on Google, or enjoy time instead with friends or family
  • stress over any and every change to your tinnitus experience or relax knowing it’s normal for tinnitus to alter
  • freak out over tinnitus spikes or use your ready-prepared tinnitus first aid kit to manage them effectively
  • spend hours wide awake wondering how you can function tomorrow or use mindfulness practices to help you sleep
  • shout at your kids because you’re irritated by your tinnitus or recognise your emotions and choose to manage them
  • give up trying to focus in quiet places or change your mindset so you can read books again
  • avoid noisy cafes and restaurants or manage your fear around sound and enjoy a social life again.

My Bee Empowered Course teaches you how to move from the first option to the second one and create a life that is full of rich experiences, ease and laughter.

Here is what some of my clients have to say:

“I would recommend Lisa’s program to anyone struggling with tinnitus. Her program offered a compassionate, safe space to learn how to incorporate mindfulness into daily life.”

“I’m beginning to see tinnitus as a part of my life rather than as defining who I am. I am beginning to incorporate it into my life and minimize its power.”

“I owe Lisa a debt of gratitude not only for her coaching support, but for the patience, kindness and understanding she gave me. Lisa is truly a remarkable teacher.”

If you want to create a wonderful life, even with tinnitus, my next group Bee Empowered course starts 14th September at 7-8pm BST. It will be my last course before I increase prices, so if you’ve been thinking about it for a while, it’s time to turn those thoughts into action!

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