We DO remember them

Tinnitus affects far too many of our servicemen and women, and few of them know where to turn to get the help they deserve.

In 2019 The British Tinnitus Association, alongside the University of Nottingham conducted research with UK veterans born before 1950.

During their time in the UK Armed Forces, veterans were exposed to high levels of noise and had no access to adequate hearing protection.

The research found that over half of older veterans had lived with tinnitus for over 20 years. They lacked information about tinnitus, how it can be experienced, and the available management options. Plus, many experienced symptoms more severe than other groups of people.

While hearing protection in the Forces may have improved, there are still many veterans, young and old, struggling with tinnitus. Leaving tinnitus untreated can put a strain on veterans’ well-being. It can lead to stress, concentration problems, sleeplessness, social isolation and depression.

As part of my work as a Tinnitus Coach I consider it a privilege to support veterans both directly, and by partnering with The United Kingdom Veterans Hearing Foundation.

I’m delighted to report that veterans who have completed my Mindfulness-Based Tinnitus Management course report lasting physical and psychological benefits including:

  • an increased ability to accept their tinnitus

  • more resilience in coping mentally and physically with tinnitus spikes / flares

  • greater enthusiasm for life, even with tinnitus

  • improved self-confidence and assertiveness

  • a greater ability to cope more effectively with general life challenges

Here’s what Frank, a recent client who served in the RAF, has to say

“Lisa’s friendly, encouraging and personal understanding as a fellow sufferer complimented the process from the beginning, and helped me greatly in practicing the modules between session…This whole process has been an eye opener, a valuable life enhancer and a learning curve which continues to be a work in progress. It will stay with me now and into the future.”

Given the service that veterans offer our country, helping them to manage effectively what is often a legacy from that service, seems to be a small, but simple way to say thank you.

To find out more about the support I offer veterans of all nations please get in touch