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All quiet?

Quite a few of my clients have mentioned that their tinnitus has become quieter over the last week or so. But others have told me

How to live with fear

Yesterday evening I went to bed with stomach pain. Thanks to scar tissue in my abdomen from many operations this isn’t unusual. So I smothered

The good old days!

Ah, the good old days before we had tinnitus. They were the best, eh? We could do what we liked. We could go to any

Attention, please!

Did you know, some researchers believe that 90% of our behaviour is carried out automatically? That’s what we’ve been looking at in my Mindfulness-Based Tinnitus

Music to your ears?

Last weekend I went to see Saxon play at Manchester Academy. They’re a heavy metal band, so as you can imagine the gig was pretty

Breaking the vicious circle

How would you like to improve how your tinnitus affects you in as a little as 20 minutes a day? As humans we’re instinctive problem-solvers.