Six speedy ways to bring your tinnitus down a notch

If you’re struggling with tinnitus overwhelm, or indeed any overwhelm, here are six quick mindfulness exercises that are great tinnitus relievers!

Mindful breath

Take a deep breath in through your nose while visualising the air travelling into your lungs. Hold it for 2 or 3 seconds and then release, again visualising the air passing out of your body.


Push your feet down into the floor for 5 seconds, concentrating on the sensation in your muscles and tendons throughout your body.

Three things

Close your eyes and focus on what is around you. Notice three sounds and then three sensations. Open your eyes and take note of the first three things you see.

Mindful observation

Select something natural in your surroundings, such as a tree or a flower. Notice everything about the organism. Look at it as if you have never seen this before. Explore every aspect of the living organism visually.


Focus completely on your breathing for one full minute. Take slow, deep breaths and hold them for a count of six before exhaling. Notice the rise and fall of your chest and abdomen during your breaths. If your mind wanders during the exercise, simply take notice of your wandering thoughts and gently focus back on your breathing.


Grab a warm or cold drink. Focus on the feel of the mug of tea or can of soda in your hands. Notice the warmth or coolness. Smell the drink. Now take a sip. Hold that sip in your mouth. Notice the temperature. Experience all the flavours that your drink contains. Repeat!

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