Faith, hope and happiness

I’ve had my fair share of knock-backs.

I’m a domestic abuse survivor (from my ex I hasten to add, before you hunt my husband down!)

I’ve had nearly 20 operations for endometriosis, a condition which has left me unable to have children.

I’ve had life-saving procedures twice and had to go through the process of writing goodbye letters to my loved ones just in case (I’m tearful even thinking about that).

And, I live every day with chronic pain as well as our friend, tinnitus.

I don’t talk about my faith much. Here in the UK, businesspeople tend to keep their religious beliefs to themselves for fear of losing clients. My mindfulness course – Bee Empowered – is offered as a strictly secular course so that there is no barrier to people with tinnitus getting the help they need.

But my faith is one of the things that has kept me going every time life knocks me back.

It taught me that there is a reason for me being here, even when I was desolate at the news I would never be a mum.

It taught me that I still have a purpose in life – to help others from suffering as much as I did with tinnitus.

It taught me that even on those days when my pain is so bad I can barely walk, there is an amazing world full of beauty out there, and I just need to lift my gaze from the floor in order to see it.

It taught me that no matter how imperfect I think I am, no matter how much I struggle, and no matter how much I criticize myself, someone always loves me without limits – God.

I know religion isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (as we Brits say!), but I know many of you out there have faith in something that sustains you. My faith is what, despite everything I’ve experienced, has given me hope. And still does every day.

Do you have a faith that helps you cope with your tinnitus? Let me know!