What’s your choice?

Isn’t mindfulness just giving in to tinnitus? By encouraging us to accept that we have tinnitus, are you telling us to forget looking for a cure?

No, and definitely not!

Believe me, if there was a cure for tinnitus, I’d be queuing up for it alongside the rest of you! But, right now, there isn’t. What we do with our lives while we wait for a cure will determine whether we have a life we can look back on with pride and contentment, or whether we let years of happiness slip through our fingers.

Learning how to practice mindfulness changes how you think, what you choose to focus on, and the quality of life you have. Mindfulness makes you aware of your choices.

Do you want to:

  • waste hours researching non-existent cures on Google, or enjoy time instead with friends or family
  • stress over any and every change to your tinnitus experience or relax knowing it’s normal for tinnitus to alter
  • freak out over tinnitus spikes or use your ready-prepared tinnitus first aid kit to manage them effectively
  • spend hours wide awake wondering how you can function tomorrow or use mindfulness practices to help you sleep
  • shout at your kids because you’re irritated by your tinnitus or recognize your emotions and choose to manage them
  • give up trying to focus in quiet places or change your mindset so you can read books again
  • avoid noisy pubs and restaurants or manage your fear around sound and enjoy a social life again

Will you choose to allow tinnitus to dictate your life? Or will you choose to take control through the Bee Empowered Mindfulness Programme?

This is what some people who chose to Bee Empowered had to say:

I would recommend Lisa’s program to anyone struggling with tinnitus. Her program offered a compassionate, safe space to learn how to incorporate mindfulness into daily life.”

“I’m beginning to see tinnitus as a part of my life rather than as defining who I am. I am beginning to incorporate it into my life and minimize its power.”

“I would recommend this actually to anyone – not necessarily with tinnitus. I have found a start to serenity.”

“I owe Lisa a debt of gratitude not only for her coaching support, but for the patience, kindness and understanding she gave me. Lisa is truly a remarkable teacher.”

Choose a better life even with tinnitus. Find out more about Bee Empowered mindfulness program here