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It’s only tinnitus

Ziva, our rescue dog had a hard start to life, and she is easily spooked. Something as gentle as a piece of paper floating from

Flying with tinnitus

Simple tips for a smooth landing It’s that time of the year here in the UK when the kids start to break up from school

Get accountable!

If you’re serious about making lifestyle changes to improve your life with tinnitus, think about asking someone to be your accountability

Celebrate everything!

Whatever stage you are at in your journey to live the best life you can with tinnitus, I encourage you to celebrate everything. I don’t

Thank you and Goodbye

No, it’s not thank you and goodbye for me. This Tinnitus Tuesday is a thank you to my first meditation and mindfulness teacher, my Dad,

Tinnitus Tip Tuesday

Hello, and welcome to Tinnitus Tip Tuesday! Do you ever feel guilt, shame or embarrassment because of the impact your tinnitus has on people you

What’s your WHY?

Knowing WHY you want to get rid of tinnitus is essential. Your WHY gives you the motivation to start making changes in your life, and