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Become a Tinnitus Activist

Living with tinnitus can feel deeply disempowering, and this has become even worse during the pandemic. Here are just a few experiences which may be


This weekend there was a whole hour where I was not aware of my tinnitus. I was sitting in my office with binoculars and a

Imagination is power!

Last night, as I collapsed in bed ready for a good night’s sleep, my tinnitus was loud – unusually so. I knew I’d had a

Christmas with tinnitus

Christmas! Time for get-togethers and lovely food and…tinnitus. Yes, unfortunately for many of us, tinnitus is an unwelcome and anti-social visitor during the holiday period.

How to worry less

As someone who lives with generalized anxiety disorder, I’m really struggling at the moment. There is simply so much going on in the world that

Opportunity knocks!

Tinnitus can be an opportunity. Yes, you read that right. Its arrival, or a significant change in its behaviour, can create an opportunity to take