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Take that back!

Imagine your friend calls you up. She’s upset because her teenage son slammed out of the house after she asked him to turn his music

What’s your choice?

Isn’t mindfulness just giving in to tinnitus? By encouraging us to accept that we have tinnitus, are you telling us to forget looking for a

Happy anniversary?

Do you remember the exact date when you first experienced tinnitus? If you do, and you continue to find your tinnitus distressing, you may well

You’ve got to laugh!

Let’s face it, life with tinnitus can be hard. For me, laughter and humour are essential ingredients for coping with life as a tinnitus

The Power of Patience

Living with tinnitus requires us both to be a patient and to be patient. When we have tinnitus, it can be very difficult to cope with

Wild wellbeing

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week. This year, the focus was on how nature can improve our mental wellbeing. If you follow me on

When we lose one of our tribe

Content Warning: suicide, self-harm The news of Kent Taylor’s recent suicide has shocked and upset many of us in the tinnitus community. As the founder

Hyperacusis, what’s that?

If you are excessively sensitive to sound, you may have a condition called hyperacusis. About 80% of people who have severe tinnitus have hyperacusis as

Fancy being my guinea pig?

It has long been my dream to blend Cognitive Behavioral Therapy into my mindfulness courses for tinnitus. And I’m thrilled to say I’ve recently studied